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April 14, 2011

I now have a beautiful website, thanks to Graphic Designer Extrodinaire, Bryan Connor.


Lighthouse Keeper Finished

March 25, 2011

These are photos of the finished hand bound Lighthouse Keeper. Made with the help of Eleni Giorgos, book binder extrodinaire.


February 10, 2011

More ink sketches.







February 6, 2011


More ink sketches for Lifestyle Illustration.


January 31, 2011

These are the sketches and the finals for our first piece due in Lifestyle Illustration. We had to choose a place and then research online to find clothing that represents the place we chose. I chose Norway as my place, and then using references from


January 26, 2011

Lifestyle brush and ink sketches, based off of models from Italian GQ I did over the break. I’m now taking a Lifestyle Illustration class, and this was me preparing for the rigors of drawing beautiful people.

East of the Sun West of the Moon

January 2, 2011

This semester, one of my main projects will be in Advanced Sequential Arts, in which I’ll be doing a comic version of the Norwegian fairy tale East of the Sun West of the Moon. It has it all, evil step-mothers, who are also trolls, a handsome prince under a curse, and a beautiful heroine who saves the day. These are some sketches of the Girl. I want to combine modern day fashion, with very Scandinavian influences with a more medieval time period.

Done with gauche and ink, she probably wont be that blue in the comic…